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Static Routing

Static routing, the substitute to dynamic routing, is the process in which the system network administrator would physically configure network routers with all the information necessary for successful packet forwarding. The administrator constructs the routing table in every router by putting in the entries for every network that could be a destination. Static routes to network destinations are unchangeable.

Connected subnet has been learnt automatically with the "C" pointer (Directly connected). In the Static Routing , all the records should be add to the router's routing table manually and will be shown with the "S" pointer (Static).


Router (config) #ip route
<Network ID><Mask><Outgoing-interface> | <Next-hop-IP-address>
Router# show ip route

Example :

Router (config) # ip route serial 1/0

Adds the route to the network through the interface S1/0 and the next hop address of

Net work Cables and Stuff:

In the network you will commonly find three types of cables used these are the, coaxial cable, fiber optic and twisted pair


Router (config) # ip route <Outgoing-interface> | <Next-hop-IP-address>

Example: /30 Path 1 /24 Path 2 /16 Path 3 /8 Path 4 /0 Path 5