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FSRM(File Server Resourse Management)

FSRM is nothing but “File Server Resource Management “ .it’s acts as a capacity management solution for your “windows server 2012”.it provides a robust set of tools and capabilities that allow you to manage and monitor our servers storage capacity.FSRM contains five components that work together to provide a capacity management solution.

FSRC Functionalities:
  • Storage Quota Management.
  • File Screening Management.
Storage Quota Management:

On the Quota Management node of the File Server Resource Manager Microsoft® Management Console (MMC) snap-in, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Create quotas to limit the space allowed for a volume or folder, and generate notifications when the quota limits are approached or exceeded.
  • Generate auto apply quotas that apply to all existing subfolders in a volume or folder and to any subfolders that are created in the future.
  • Define quota templates that can be easily applied to new volumes or folders and then used across an organization.
File Screening Management:

It provides a method for controlling the types of files that can be saved on the server. When user attempt to save unauthorized files (MP3 & videos).file screening management can block the process and notify to users the administrator does not allow to save these files. The screening method is implemented in any files.We (admin) have implement by two methods. They are

  • Active - Active means the admin not allow to save unauthorized files in server folders.
  • Passive -Passive means the admin is allow to save all files but email sent to admin.