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Installing “File Resource Management “in Domain control System.

  • Logon to domain control system as an administrator.
  • Add folders and features.
  • Click next.
  • Expand “file and storage services”.
  • Expand “file and “ISESI services”.
  • In that select “File Server Resource Manager”.
  • Click next, next, next, next.
  • Next select “Restart the destination server”.
  • Select install.
  • installing completed.
By Using below steps using to apply “Disk Quota” to the users.:
  • In Domain control system select start button.
  • Right Click on “File Resource Manager”.
  • Select configuration options.
  • In select configuration options select “File Screen Audit”.
  • Select “Record File screening activity Auditing Database”.
  • Then select “ok button”.
  • Next select expand quota management.
  • Right click on Quota.
  • Select create Quota.
  • Select browse.
  • Select “E” drive.
  • In “E” drive select “any Folder” ex: “HOME” folder.
  • Give a value in memory field ex: 100mb limit.
  • Then finally click on create button.
  • Process completed. For verification follow below steps.
For Verification:

Logon to member server system or client system using username and password and go to my computer open “E” Drive. Right click on home folder and verify properties it shows folder size as 100Mb.

By using below steps to implement “File Screening management” to the users:
  • Logon to Domain control system (DC) an administrator.
  • Open “File screening resource management”.
  • Double click on “file screening management”.
  • Select create a file screening template”.
  • Give a name template name is Deny or Block.
  • Next observe check boxes list like videos, images…etc.
  • In that click on what you have to block file types.
  • For example select “image files”.
  • Select create Quota.
  • Next click on ok button.
  • Next Right click on “file screens”.
  • Select create “file screen”.
  • Select browse button.
  • Select which folder you want to apply like “home”.
  • Select “deny (which are created in step-1) template”.
  • Process completed. For verification follow below method.
For Verification:

Logon to member server or client system by using username and password. Next open my computer in my computer open drive .next open one folder try to save image file in that folder it shows a popup “access denied for saving these type of files by administrator” .