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Cloud Computing

A cloud is an amalgamation of hardware, networks, storage, services, and interfaces that helps in distributing computing as a service. It has broadly three users which are end user, business management user, and cloud service provider. The end user is the one who uses the services provided by the cloud. The business management user in the cloud takes the responsibility of the data and the services provided by the cloud. The cloud service provider is the one who takes care or is responsible for the maintenance of the IT assets of the cloud. The cloud acts as a common center for its users to fulfill their computing needs.

Cloud computing is a method of accessing numerous servers by an electronic device with deigital network such as WAN or any internet connection. Cloud computing is the future of information technology. It embodies all the big trends in the design and use of computer architectures. And it ties closely to other trends such as big data and the "Internet of things."


There are numerous benefits of cloud computing including data backup and storage of data, powerful server capabilities, software asa service known as (SaaS) etc.

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