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About Ravi Namboori

The Director of Architecture at Equinix, Ravi Namboori has dedicated his career to the field. Over the past 20 years, Namboori has integrated business plans with IT capabilities to produce more effective companies. He holds Cisco certification as a voice, network, and design professional, as well as Caldera certification as a Linux Administrator. His experience has also provided him with skills in various operating systems, global help desks, and application and server scalability. Additionally, Ravi Namboori assists with other types of corporate needs, ranging from effective leadership and employee motivation to regulatory compliance and mergers and acquisition. 

Originally from India, Namboori earned a Masters of Sciences from BEC college and a candidate for MBA from Babson college. He entered the industry as a network administrator with Point Soft in Hyd, India, before becoming a senior network administrator with Satyam Computer Services and a network manager at Metamor Enterprise Solutions. His subsequent position with Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., brought him to the Netherlands as a network manager, where he was responsible for testing software and developing websites. 

After two years, Ravi Namboori relocated to California. As a network manager for Bavara Communication, he oversaw a team of seven employees that created firewall and VPN software for laptops. Prior to accepting his current position with EMC, Namboori provided his services to the Silicon Valley firms Applied Materials, Harmonic Inc., and Glu Mobile.